Guest Cologne/Kolonya organic lemongrass 50ml

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Guest cologne for use

The guest cologne is specially prepared with natural ingredients and it is a pleasure to protect your skin with its special content.

Due to its refreshing property, probably due to its alcohol content, kolonya is offered to guests and used as a fragrance. However, the mixture is also used to treat dizziness, fainting, and headaches, as well as to clean or disinfect due to its anti-bacterial effect.

Can you use Cologne as disinfectant?

According to industry standards, there is at least 70 percent alcohol in many fragrances, such as Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne. According to many industry sources, commercial perfumes are safe and as effective to use as hand sanitizers, and have high alcohol content.

ingredients : Certified Organic products are grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, or GMO’s. Organic is an innovative method of farming and production – and is increasingly being recognised as being on the leading edge of food and fibre technology.

75% Denatured Ethanol solvents. 25%water Deminaralised solvent,5% Glycerine palm free Humactent, 5%Lemongrass Essential oil. Alcohol, Agua, Glycerine,cymbogonlexuosus oil. citral.T Butyl Alcohol, Geraniol, D-linalool.citronello,Eugenol. Denotes Certified Organic

Keep away from children and fire. It is not for therapeutic purposes,and it is not Drinking. store in a cool place or shade.

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